Inspiration Video – Jessica Huie’s Determination Not To Be A Statistic

Today’s ‘Inspiring People’ video is about Jessica Huie, honoured in the Evening Standard/02 awards recognising inspirational entrepreneurs, who founded  Colourblind Cards.

Jessica’s Story

At 17 years of age, Jessica became pregnant. When her father found out he responded with tears in his eyes, saying that all she “would ever be now was a statistic”.

Jessica became determined that this would not happen, and when her daughter Monie was four months old she went back to college.  After graduating she went to university to study journalism.  While still at university, Jessica secured a successful career in public relations and broadcasting for Choice FM and BBC London.

After three years of working Jessica decided she wanted to run her own business.  She discovered that there were no ethic people on the greeting cards available, and saw a great niche business opportunity.  ColourBlind Cards was formed and has become a flourishing business.

Jessica’s Success Tips

In sharing her entrepreneurial success story, Jessica mentioned several key elements.   Here are four tips on how she was able to achieve her goal of creating a successful business:

  1. Mission and Purpose. Jessica made a very clear decision that she did not want to be a statistic, and that she would find a way to create a successful life for herself and her daughter.  You must make a clear decision about what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it.  If you don’t have a big enough why, you will not have the strength to do what’s required to achieve success.
  2. Perseverance and Resilience.  Jessica studied and worked hard to take the actions which would create opportunities, so that she could create the successful life she imagined.  You must keep on doing the necessary actions, despite difficulties or obstacles which appear.  Each time you fail or things don’t work, you must find a way to pick yourself up and keep going – until you cross the finishing line of achieving your goal.
  3. Self Belief.  Jessica believed in her ability to succeed at school, in her jobs and and in setting up a business.   You must have the confidence in yourself that you can achieve your goal.  You really have to believe that you have the ability to manifest it, that you will find ways to bring your goal successfully into reality.
  4. Vision.  Jessica created a vision for her career, and then later expanded that vision to include running a successful business.  Your vision is the imagined picture you have in your mind, the one you see when you think about achieving your goal.   To be successful, you need to be able to dig really deep and believe in your vision.  Others won’t always see or believe in your vision.  Therefore, you must have the clarity, focus and drive to bring your concept alive.

Achieve Your Own Success Goals

You can achieve your own success goals.  Your success doesn’t have to look like Jessica’s , or like anyone else’s – unless you want it to!

Creating your own success goals is about you identifying, working towards and reaping the rewards of goals that makes YOUR heart sing.

What big inspirational goals or vision would you love to achieve in your life?  I’d love to hear, so please share your comments  below.

Warm regards


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