Special Message – Do you Know A Woman In Their 30s and 40s?

Hi There,
Special Message: Do You Know A Woman In Their 30s or 40s??

The past few weeks I’ve been working away with whiteboards, notebooks, coloured markers and big sheets of paper, planning my new website and some wonderful new offerings.
One of the areas I’m considering offering my support with, is women in their 30s and 40s who have unresolved pains around the “whole baby thing”.   For example, I haven’t had a baby, not sure if I want to or not … not sure if I could/should in my circumstances … etc.

What would be perfect is to have a huge room of my dream clients with me, brainstorming over coffee so I know I have everything exactly the way they’d like it, instead of guessing.

This is really hard to co-ordinate with people spread in different geographical locations, so I thought about the next best thing.

I’d love to hop on the phone with people just like you or someone you know (think partner, family member, friend, colleague …), to ask what their biggest needs are what they’d like help with.   It’s my way of really listening and getting to understand them. I expect that the questions may take about 10 minutes or so and I promise, as a thank you, to stay on the phone afterward and to give them some guidance that they can implement.

Nothing to sell, as this is purely for research at this stage.

If you (or a person you know) would be up for this, and would love to contribute, then please just reply below and let me know and we’ll make a time to hop on the phone or skype.

With warm regards


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