When We Were Kids …

Have you noticed how we are all drawn to young babies?  Most people can’t help themselves, they are naturally drawn to them …

Today’s blog and video reminds us why we are naturally draw to babies.  Click below to watch this short video:

Free Spirits

As fresh little babies, we all arrived full of potential and with a free spirit. And as we grew, there was an excitement for exploring, learning and going after what we wanted.  We can learn a lot from little kids!

Little kids are naturally connected to their true self.  They don’t question who they are, what they’re doing or why they’re doing it.  They just focus on what they want.

Little kids naturally make decisions quickly.  They’re not weighing up what they’re going to win or loose.  They just look at whether they want to or not.

Little kids are naturally focused and determined when they want something.  They don’t just give up.  Instead they continue looking for ways to bypass the obstruction to get/do what they want (Watch how stubborn they can be when you say no!!) .

However  things can change as we get older …

Navigating Change

As we get a bit older our perceptions change.  We have to learn to navigate our the world and our experiences.  And our sense of self changes.

We can start to question ourselves, what we want and our place in the world.   It can cause us to disconnect and loose touch with our true self.    This can be confusing and difficult to navigate matter what age you are.  It can cause doubts, fears and insecurities  to rise within us.  It can also cause people to give up on the hopes and dreams that live within them.

Giving up on your hopes and dreams comes at a cost though.  It can cause fatigue, dissatisfaction and  emptiness.  It can leave you with a life of regrets.

Did you know that one of the top regrets of the dying is not regrets of things that they which they hadn’t done, but instead the things they hadn’t done

Reconnecting For Fulfillment

Your ability to create a successful, inspired and fulfilling life is about you identifying what makes YOUR heart sing.  You then need to take action to bring it into reality.

Take some time to reconnect with the child within you, and what you’d love to experience in your life.  Reflect on:

  • the hopes and dreams you had as a child
  • what you’d love to be, do or have if there were no roadblocks
  • what big goal you’d implement if you couldn’t fail

I Dare You!

What unfulfilled goals and dreams live within your heart?
Go ahead, I dare you to:
… Admit it to yourself – admit what’s in your heart and mind.
… Share it with others – share one of your dreams with us below
… Act on it today – take at least one action step today to bring it closer to reality
Warm regards


PS If you’d like some help in clarifying, taking action or breaking through the roadblocks to achieving your unfulfilled goals and aspirations, please contact me to book a time to chat.

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