Inspired Life Purpose – Narayanan Krishna Asks The Big Question …

Today’s inspiring people video clip is about Narayanan Krishnan, a companion to the forgotten people.    He asks and answers the big question:

“What is the ultimate purpose of living …?”

In 2002 Narayanan saw an old man hitting himself out of his own hunger.

On seeing this, he stopped and asked himself:   What is the purpose of my life?  What am I going to do?”

Many people question what their purpose in life is, and many will spend time searching for the answers to that question.  There are many ways that you could make a difference in the world.  What are some the issues you see around you?  How would you like to do to assist in creating the change you want to see in the world?

How Narayanan Is Making a Difference In the World …

For Narayanan, the inspiration was seeing the desperation of the old man who was so hungry he was hitting himself.    Narayanan had various choices.  He could walk away and ignore it, pretend he didn’t see it or decide it was important.  He could also choose to do something to assist, which is the choice he made.

The next decision for him was to decide how he would assist.   In 2002 Narayanan choose to resign from his job at a restaurant which fed people, so that he could care for the homeless, aged, mentally ill, disabled and destitute people.  He fed them, cut their hair, shaved them and bathed them – because he wanted them to feel psychologically that they are also human beings.  He recognised the value of food as physical nutrition, and love and affection as mental nutrition.  Narayanan sees his ultimate life purpose as giving.  His simple message to listeners – “Start giving.  See the joy of giving.”

How Will You Make A Difference In The World …

There are so many way you could make a difference in the world.  There best way is to find a cause and vehicle which is in alignment with who you are, where it makes your heart sing.   So what are you doing to a difference your way?  What is your life purpose and mission?

Take action today to progress your life purpose and mission.  And, if you’re not sure what your mission and purpose is, then take action today to start gaining some clarity.

Please share your thoughts on today’s blog post topic below.

I look forward to connecting again with you soon.

Warm regards


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