New Years Resolutions – Are You Determined To Make This Year Different?

Have you been making resolutions about changes that you want to make in your life?  That you’ll do things differently this year?

Watch Today’s Video

Here’s a funny New Year’s Resolution Song for you to watch … by Rhett and Link.

Will this be you?

Not Really Serious About Your New Year’s Resolutions?

If you’re not really serious about your New Years Resolution, then save yourself some from heartache, lowered self esteem and disappointment by taking the song’s advice:-

“Forget those resolutions, that you know that you are never going to do.
And adopt a more realistic view; like admitting to all those things that are easy to do
…Settle into a more comfortable spot and embrace all the things you know you are not …”

If You’re Serious About Making This Year Different …

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  And there’s no time like today to make a fresh stat where you are at.  So if you’re serious about making this year different …  take the learnings from yesterday, clear the slate and re-commit seriously to your New Year resolutions.

To make this year different, you’ll need to replace old habits with new ones which are in alignment with your desired results.  Empower yourself to make progress on your resolution by taking at least one action step today to get you started and moving  forward.

Please Share …

I’d love to hear from about what your new Year’s resolution/s for 2017 is and how you’re progress so far.  So please share with me by adding your comment below or sending me an email.

May your New Years resolutions translate to a happy, healthy and productive year for you, one which is filled with achievement, growth and success.

Warm regards



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