Empowering Message: Your Future Is In Your Hands

Today’s messages come from a very popular video produced by John Von Achen.  John asks you to think about what you will do with your future.


I agree with his comment that the future is in your hands, and that you have two choices:

  1. You can just survive, OR
  2. You can choose to succeed

Reflect on those two options for a moment …  What choice are you making at the moment?  What are your current results showing?

Your Future Is In Your Hands

Your results you will reap in the future are based on the seeds of thoughts you have now, and the actions you are taking now.

Your future is in your hands – what will you do with your future?  Will you choose to just survive, or will you choose to succeed and thrive?

Contemplate for a moment what your ideal life would be like:

  • What traits would you love to display and embody?
  • What big goals would you love to achieve? 
  • What impact would you love to make in the world?

Empowering Messages

John’s video highlights a number of key empowering messages.  Here are seven of them which you can take use to empower you to transform your results, from where you are now to where you want to be in the future:

  1. Anything is possible if you choose to succeed, commit to focused goals and take action.
  2. Your best can still be in front of you
  3. Inside you is untapped potential
  4. Prepare for success
  5. You are unique and special
  6. Believe in yourself, AND

… some fabulous suggestions!

Empowering Yourself To Achieve Your Goals

Each of these messages are key elements in building strong foundations for your successful goal achievement. So, irrespective of whether your goals is personal or business, make sure you apply them. 

Which one of today’s suggestions struck a cord with you today?  Please share your comments on today’s blog post and this video.  

Empower yourself today by taking at last one step today to implement your goals. :lol:

Warm regards


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