The Momentum of Heart Felt Giving

The Momentum of Heart Felt Giving

Today’s story focus highlights the momentum of heart felt giving, and the ripple effects that it can create.

Abdul Halim al-Attar is a Syrian refugee who was selling pens in the streets of Beirut in order to survive and support his children.  Then a man snapped a photo of his daughter …

Click here for some inspiration today – He was selling pens …

Empowering Messages

It’s a great reminder that:

  • The human struggle is a universal connector
  • The benefits of a simple act of kindness can ripple out to many others
  • We should be good stewards and do our best to multiply what we’ve been gifted

Increase Your Own Impact In The World

You can make an impact in the world through your own heart felt giving.  And, you can make an even bigger difference, by consciously creating inspiring goals and projects which focus your efforts and expand your impact, your way/s.  So make sure you set and implement inspiring goals and projects that allow you to pass on the momentum of giving.

I’d love to know how this video has impacted you by leaving a comment below.  I’d love to hear how it  touched your heart.

Remember to create your inspired life and to empower yourself today – take at least one action step toward advancing your (heart felt) goals!

Enjoy your day,


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