Amazing Study Demonstrates The Power You Have To Create Your Inspired Life


Amazing Study Demonstrates The Power You Have To Create Your Inspired Life

Are you living the life you desire?  If not, cast your frustrations, regrets and disappointments aside.  The truth is that the mind and body have an amazing capacity to heal, transform and create!  And each day is a fresh day; another chance to change your life and to progress your life mission statement, wealth creation and other goals.

For a long time I have recognised the power of the mind and body.  I was reminded just how amazing and how powerful it can be when I attended a seminar.  Dr Joe Dispenza talked about a remarkable studywhich was done in 2003.  The HeartMath Research Centre in California understood a series of experiments to test healers’ ability to affect biological systems.  The healers were given test tubes of DNA to hold for 2 minutes.  Each healer was well trained and practised in using techniques that HeartMath teaches to balance negative emotions and heart rhythms (referred to as heart-focused coherence).

In the first group, healers applied techniques to produce strong, elevated feelings such as love and appreciation, then for two minutes, they held vials of DNA samples suspended in deionized.  When tested, the samples analysed had no significant changes.

The second group were instructed to hold the vials with a clear intention to change the DNA, but they were instructed not to enter to a positive emotional state.  In other words they were only using thought to effect change.  There was no changes to the DNA.

The third group of healers did the same thing.  However instead of just creating positive emotions (a feeling) of love and appreciation, they simultaneously held an intention (a thought) to either wind or unwind the strands of DNA.  This group produced significant changes in the conformation (shape) of the DNA samples.  In some cases the DNA was wound or unwound AS MUCH AS 25%.

WOW!  Let me repeat it – in 2 minutes the third group of healers changed the DNA up to 25%!  AMAZING.  So, what does that say about your ability to create reality?

You Have The Power To Create Your Inspired Life

That’s right – you have an amazing potential to create the life you desire!

Get clear about what you’d love to be, do and have in your life.   Write your vision for your own inspired life into your Life Mission Statement.  Then, develop your ability to create the life you desire by bringing together the following three elements which were highlighted in the study:

  1. An intentional thought PLUS an energiser, a catalyst – ie an elevated emotion
  2. The heart and mind working together – harmony within
  3. Feelings and thoughts unified into a state of being – which is going in the same direction

Your job then, is simply to grow your capacity to create it on an inner self level and at an external/physical level.

Bring Your Life Mission Statement Alive

Remember each day is another chance to change your life.  Bring your Life Mission Statement alive by applying this knowledge today, so that you can create an inspired life, achieve your goals and create the wealth you desire.

Please share your comments on today’s blog post, and empower others by forwarding this information to others who could benefit.

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