Eddie The Eagle – 7 Keys of Success

Recently I went to see the film Eddie The Eagle at the cinema.  I love watching films that have humour, a great story, and empowering messages of what’s possible.  Especially when it’s based on a true story.

In real life – Michael “Eddie” Edwards, nicknamed “Eddie the Eagle” by the media, was a British ski jumper and skier who in 1988 became the first competitor since 1929 to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping.  He had no sponsorship and funded it himself.

In the film “Eddie The Eagle”, Eddie is the classic underdog.  As a young boy he has to overcome physical disabilities, and was not at all a natural athlete.  He decides from an early age that he wants to compete at the Olympics.   Over time he applies himself to a variety of different sports, summer and then winter, in order to qualify to complete. Eventually he finds a way to qualify for the Olympics – by getting into ski jumping.

Eddie Achieves His Goal

Through various trials and tribulations along the way, Eddie eventually achieves his dream of competing at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.   Even though he finished last, he was elated that he achieved his goal.  Admirers praised him as representing the true Olympic spirit as an amateur athlete who wanted to compete at the best of his ability for its own sake, regardless of his chances of winning.

7 Keys To Success That Eddie Displays

Here are seven keys of success that “Eddie The Eagle” displays in pursuing his goal to compete at the Olympics:

  1. Setting a clear goal.   – In the first instance he decided that “I’m going to the Olympics …”.  He then
  2. Holding a strong belief that it was possible.   Eddie was convinced that he could would achieve his goal.  And, he was not deterred by other people’s limiting beliefs about his ability to achieve his goal.
  3. Maintaining focus on his goal.  With his goal in mind, Eddie continues to seek out the people, knowledge, skills and experiences required to achieve his goal. Consistently applying himself.
  4. Having the courage to follow his dream.   Along the way Eddie was faced with big challenges.  He had to do lots of things he hadn’t done before; difficult things and risky things that threatened his wellbeing.  He faced adversity, criticism, and saboteurs who believed he had no right to be there.
  5. Resilience.   There were lots of times he fell, crashed or failed.  Each time, he got backup up, dusted himself off and persisted with what was required.
  6. Celebrating progress.   Eddy keeps celebrating his progress and wins, no matter how big or small.  His enjoyment and outward celebration of his triumphs were infectious and endeared him to many in the crowds and media.
  7. Commitment to completion.  He kept applying himself until he achieved his goal. Then Eddy took it the next step – attempting and landing a jump from the biggest ski jump.

Achieve More of Your Goals

Empower yourself to achieve more of your goals by putting the above seven keys to success into practice that Eddie applies.  Take at least one action step today which supports you in progressing your goals!

Please share your thoughts on today’s topic below.

If you’d like some assistance in overcoming challenges, setting goals, or strengthening your capacity to achieve more of your goals, then I’d love to hear from you. Take action today by booking a time to chat about your questions, concerns and potential steps for moving forward.  Or, check out our services on our Health Pursuit website.

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