Sharing The Blessings of Christmas

Christmas Day is only two sleeps away.   Are you willing to ask for what you want? Will you be sharing the blessings of the season?

In today’s video we have a very modern take on Christmas.  The “WestJet Christmas Miracle:  real time giving” is already a classic and is a reminder to adults of the wonder experienced by children when they articulate  what they truly want and receive it.  Commercial yet heartfelt too.

Empowering Messages

For me the key messages to reflect on from today’s video are:

  • Take the time to be in the moment as something special might be happening
  • Believe you deserve the best for yourself, and ask for it
  • Pay forward the generosity you experience with others


Sharing The Blessings of Christmas

You can enjoy a more inspired and empowered life by opening up to life and living today’s wisdom.  Take steps today to connect with your own heart and desires, and share the spirit and blessings of Christmas with others.

Are you willing to ask for what you want? What are your favourite ways of sharing the blessings of Christmas?

Please share your comments below.

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