The Benefits of You Giving


Giving gifts is a universal way of expressing your feelings, demonstrating appreciation and strengthening bonds with others.  And, when given with the right intentions, is beneficial to the health and happiness of  both the receiver and the giver.

Keep Focused On Your Primary Intentions

It’s easy to get caught up in the commercialisation of Christmas, believing you to have to search for the perfect gift, spend lots of money …. However, doing so can create a lot of unhappiness, stress and financial burden.  It can also result in your disappointment with the results, or resentment that others don’t appreciate what you’ve done.

Instead of getting caught up in the hype of buying and giving gifts,  do it genuinely as an act of giving.  Keep your focus on the most important intention – enhancing the receivers wellbeing.

6 Benefits Of Giving

There are numerous benefits to both the giver and the receiver of giving. Here are 6 of them:

  1. Boosts self esteem and sense of purpose – by doing something we know will improve the life of others
  2. Shifts our attention onto others – It moves your focus outwards and away from your own stresses and worries
  3. Increases happiness – giving to others makes us feel happy;
  4. Promotes cooperation and social connection –  helps people feel connected to other individuals, groups, networks, and communities
  5. Evokes gratitude – helps people to feel appreciated the effort and a
  6. Inspires further giving – when we have a good experience we want to replicate/share that experience with others (paying it forward).

Suggestions For Giving To Others

There are many ways to show a person that you care, that they are important and appreciated, and to share the holiday spirit.  And it doesn’t necessarily require you to spend a lot of money.  Reflect on your primary intentions, and honour that by choosing options which are aligned with those intentions.

Here are a few suggestions for ways you can give to others:

  • Acknowledgements eg through giving a card or photo.
  • Activities such as gatherings or parties.
  • Practice random acts of kindness.
  • Donating to charities
  • Volunteering your time eg at a soup kitchen

Empower Yourself To Give More

As you set and pursue your goals, remember to incorporate the benefits of genuine giving.  There are many blessings that flow from giving.  And as you grow your capacity to achieve results, you also increase your capacity to give to others.

Empower yourself today by taking at least one action to live a life that empowers and inspires you!

Want to achieve more so that you can give more?  Contact us today by booking a time to chat, about the next steps in moving forward.



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