Letting Go Of Frustration: A Catalyst For Important Changes

Everyone Experiences Frustration

Every one feels frustrated from time to time.  If you want to live an inspiring life, it is essential that you learn to overcome your frustrations. Otherwise you will stay stuck in repeating old patterns of thinking and behaving, and achieving your goals will be difficult.

Frustration can be defined as an emotional response to a circumstance where you feel you are being obstructed from arriving at your personal or business goal.  The more important the goal is to you, the greater the level of your frustration you will experience when obstructed.  Frustration is considered to be a “problem response behaviour” and has a number of effects, depending on your state of mind at the time.

Frustration Can Be Disempowering

Sometimes, frustration can be perceived as being outside of the control you have with a particular person or situation.  This type of thinking is disempowering and will keep you feeling stuck helpless and a victim.  Why?  Because you perceive you don’t have the power to do anything about it or to change it, and therefore are unlikely to take corrective action.  Continuing to believe that you don’t have any control will perpetuate the cycle of frustration in your life.

Frustration Pushes You To Adapt

On the other hand, frustration can also be seen as beneficial in helping you to adapt and change.  As frustration builds from not resolving or adapting, so too does the pressure and pain you experience.  When the pain of holding on to this disempowering way of thinking and acting increases to a high enough level, the pressure becomes too great and you eventually have to let go.  This pressure and eventual adaptation is part of the perturbation process (learn more about perturbation from our previous blog)

Once you let go, there is room for new thinking.  As you shift your thinking and actions towards solving your underlying problem, you start to become more productive.   With time, whether that be very quick or slow, you will begin to make progress and your frustration will begin to fade away.  Frustration can be a great catalyst of change, supporting you to have what you most desire in your life.

What are the key frustrations in your life?  Are you allowing your frustration to disempower you, or are you using it as a powerful catalyst for growth and change?

You can empower yourself to achieve more of your goals by:

  • Understanding that frustration is part of perturbation and the change process.
  • Recognising that you do have choices.
  • Identifying where you can take make adjustments to your thinking, feeling and behaviour yourself forward and make progress towards your goals.
  • Seeking out strategies for eliminating old patterns (which keep you stuck), and replacing them with new patterns that will support your success.

Empower yourself today by taking at least one action which supports you in progressing your goals!

Please share your thoughts on today’s topic below.

If you’d like some assistance in overcoming frustration, setting goals, or strengthening your capacity to achieve more of your goals, then I’d love to hear from you. Take action today by booking a time to chat about your questions, concerns and potential steps for moving forward.  Or, check out our services on our Health Pursuit website.

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