Empowering Yourself to Achieve Better Results Through Better Time Management

Learning to manage your time effectively is a key ingredient in balancing work and play in your life.  It’s also an important part of managing your mental and physical energies while pursing your goals.

In today’s short video, Brian Tracey describes his time management tips for work/life balance .

Empower Yourself Through Time Management 

You can empower yourself by recognising that you do have a choice in how you spend your time.  And, that you can choose to make different choices at any time.  These daily decisions of choice will effect your ability to achieve your goals.

To become more successfull in transforming, achieving and living a more inspired life, you will need to make different time management choices in line with your goals.

Empower Yourself To Make More Effective Time Management Choices

Making different choices, requires you to adjust the way you think and behave.  It requires you to retrain, yourself to operate differently.

Today’s video highlights 4 key steps you can take to assist you in breaking through your old habits, so you can successfully retrain yourself to operate differently:

  1. Use positive self talk and affirmations.  Practice the words of who you want to become with intensity, so you can pass it from your conscious mind into your subconscious mind.  Keep repeating until you’ve developed the new way of operating.
  2. Use mental pictures to practice developing the person you want to become.  Recall memories where you have worked effectively and efficiently and use that to imagine future situations where you will manage your time effectively and efficiently.
  3. Sit  or lie in a quiet place and imagine your self going through a future situation where your improved time management results in a better quality of life.  See yourself calm, positive and in control as you practice effective and efficient time management perfectly.
  4. Create an experience of better time management through role playing.  Imagine and act out the part of a person who is extremely good at time management in every respect.

Each of these steps enable you to re-train your mind to think and act in ways which support implementing good time management practices.

Take action today to empower yourself to make different time management choices, ones which are better aligned with your  personal and business goals.

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