5 Tips For Strategically Managing Your Time

It is said that good time management can help you to add 2 hours to a person’s daily life.  It can make the difference between the quality of your life or feeling strained.

What Would You Do With Your Extra Time?

What would you do with your time if you could add another 2 hours a day to your life:  Invest it working on your business (rather than in it)?  Enjoy recreational activities eg hobbies, sport?  Further education, training or development?  Relaxation?  Spend it with loved ones?  We all have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  However we differ greatly on how we fill our time.

5 Tips For Strategically Improving Your Time Management

You do have choices in how you focus, allocate and use your time.  Here are on 5 tips you can take apply today to strategically improve your time management:

  1. Take responsibility for how you use your time. Many people assume that their use of time is largely outside of their control.  They blame people, places and circumstances for how their time usage eg dealing with emergencies, interruptions, under-staffing and unnecessary emails etc.  These excuses deny your ability to direct your time usage.  The truth is that you have choices and can actively take responsibility for your own role in using your time.
  2. Review your key goals in key life areas.  Clarify your highest business and personal goals, how they rank in priority and the reasons you feel compelled to pursue them.  Knowing these details will encourages you to be more organised and disciplined with your time in order to achieve your desired outcomes.  
  3. Create time management habits to support your goals. Having clarified your highest goals and priorities, identify where you have bad time habits which may interfere with successful goal achieving.  Then create a plan for resolving the problems and implementing new habits.  Remember, new habits can take time to form – so you need to keep repeating and practicing the new habits, maybe many times, before you grasp what to do and implement it consistently.
  4. Discover hidden reasons for your ineffectiveness. There can be many reasons a person is ineffective in their time management.  There may be mental reasons eg stress, conflict or confusion; there may be physical reasons eg inadequate diet, hydration or lifestyle; or there may be emotional reasons self image, beliefs or fears.  Identifying and addressing hidden reasons in any of these areas, can release a whole new level of effectiveness.
  5. Meditate regularly to ‘slow down’. With a busy business and personal life it can be easy for you to slip into the mode of ‘rushing’ through things.  It is said that we have around 60,000 separate, often disconnected, thoughts a day.  Meditation is a way of quietening the chatterbox thoughts and creating more time and space between your thoughts.  As a result you may well find yourself working at a better pace, expending your time and energy in more efficient ways, and being more productive.

Empower Yourself To Achieve More Through Better Time Management 

Your time is a very valuable thing, so you should use it wisely – it can never be given back.  You can empower yourself to transform, achieve and live a more inspired life if you’re mindful of how you’re using this precious resource in your daily life. 

Here’s three great questions to ask yourself:

  • What would you do with your time if you could add another 2 hours a day to your life?
  • Are you making the most of your valuable time?
  • Are you doing the things in life which are most important to you?

Take action today to empower yourself by strategically managing strategically managing your time, energy and resources.

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