The Focus Of Your Mind Is A Powerful Creator of Your Reality

The mind is a powerful driver of the results you are achieving.  Today’s short video Derek O’Neill talks about how what your mind focuses on creates your reality.

3 Empowering Messages

What you give the most focus and attention to, is what you are creating.

To manifest different results, you need to re-adjust the focus of your mind and efforts. Here are three empowering things you can do towards creating your desired results:

  1. Clarify what you’d like to manifest in your life.  The mind needs to know what the focus is, so that it can direct it’s energies, look for opportunities and guide actions.
  2. Putting energy and focus into it is essential.  It’s not enough to just think about it and not take action; you must put in a focused efforts.
  3. Develop your ability to stay focused – if you can’t stay focused, then learn skills such as prayer or meditation to assist you in quieting and focusing your mind.

Focus Your Mind For Greater Results

To achieve different results, you need to focus your mind in line with what’s most important to you.  Otherwise you will not be able to breakthrough your old ways of thinking and acting, which gave you the old results.  Invest the time in connecting to what’s truly important to you at a deeper level, so you can focus you thoughts, feelings and actions on goals which you are truly aligned with.

Empower yourself today by taking the next step towards living a life which inspires you.

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