What Reality Are You Creating With Your Current Focus?

Did you realise that you are creating your reality 100% of the time?

Yes you create it, both wanted and unwanted, through your thoughts, feelings and actions. Powerful aren’t you!

However, until you learn to create consciously, you are creating unconsciously.  The more conscious and active you become, the greater your capacity to achieve and live the life you desire.

Managing Focus Is Essential For Creating Results

What you give most focus and attention to, is what you are creating.  Whether that focus is conscious or unconscious, it’s where you put the effort and where your results flow from. In reality how you operate on a daily basis is 95% unconscious and only 5% conscious.  Therefore, managing your focus strategically becomes an essential ingredient in achieving different results.

As you develop your ability to live more consciously, you develop your ability to live authentically, achieve more of your goals and create more of the life you desire.

Establishing Your Focus

To order to create your ideal life, you need to focus on what you truly want.  It is wise then, to periodically take the time to evaluate where you are currently, in terms of having the life and results you want.  If you’ve done it before, it’s will be more of a review and will take less time.   However, if you’re feeling lost, confused, unmotivated, unfulfilled, or dissatisfied then it’s really important to invest sufficient time in figuring it out.

Getting connected to what you truly want, is essential for clearly aligning your focus with what’s most important to you.  It’s what drives your ability to consciously observe and guide your mind, emotions and actions in ways which support your goals and vision for your life.

3 Steps In Evaluating and Focusing Your Direction

Here are three steps you can take as a starting point for evaluating, focusing and planning your direction:

  1. Define what you want.  This step requires you to identify what you want, define what each aspect ‘looks’ like, and what each aspect means to you.  
  2. Evaluate your current activities. This step requires you to look at what you’re currently doing, eg how you’re spending your time, energy, money; what occupies your mind; and what inspires you.  Then look at whether those activities are aligned with what you truly want.
  3. Keep stepping forward. This step requires you to consciously step forward in your desired direction, by shifting your focus and taking actions which are aligned with what you want.  It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you consciously and consistently take action.

This questioning process guides you inwards to reflect on what enables you to experience fulfillment and satisfaction.  You can then make the necessary adjustments to you vision and goals for living a more inspired life.  It will give you a greater understanding of what you really want, guide better quality goal setting decisions and where gaps need to be addressed.

Achieving Different Results

In order to achieve different results, you need to breakthrough your old ways of thinking and acting, which gave you the old results.  Breaking through may require big changes and/or small changes in order to transform.  Either way you need to become more conscious, focus your attention strategically (according to what’s most important to you) and apply your actions in line with your goals.

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