Conscious Living Evolves Your Capacity To Transform and Achieve

Conscious living is about moving out of automatic pilot and on to greater awareness of “one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts and surroundings”.   It’s about taking control of your life, thinking about your decisions, making conscious choices about how to live your life; it’s about having a life that you want rather than settling for the one that just happens to you.

Today’s video contains an 8 minute portion of an hour talk on the topic of “Pathways To Conscious Living”.  Watch it to hear the perspectives of Joe Dispenza (author: “Evolving Your Brain”), Marilyn Schiltz (author: Living Deeply), Dr JJ Hirtak (author: The End of Suffering) and Desiree Hurtak (Founder: the Academy of Future Science).

Below are just a few of the key points discussed in the video:

  • New experiences are a fundamental element of transformation
  • Consciously living develops greater transparency of who we really are at a deeper level
  • Consciousness is the hidden variable that, when brought to the forefront, can liberate you from old scripting which curtails rather than opens; it enables you to experience greater joy in life.

Your Capacity to Transform and Achieve Grows As You Live More Consciously

Remember in order to achieve different results, you need different thinking and actions to those  which gave you the old results.  Conscious living develops awareness of your thoughts and emotions, allowing you to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.  It switches on your inner guidance enables you to become more congruent by making choices that are more in alignment with your core.  As you make more conscious choices  you grow your capacity to breakthrough old habits, transform your results and achieve your goals.

Want to become more conscious in the way you are living your life?  Looking for ways to inspire, empower and educate yourself to achieve more of your goals?  If so, we like to assist you in moving forward.  Please contact us to book a FREE initial discussion, or check out our services at the Health Pursuit website.

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