Closing The Information Gap To Achieve Goal Success

The ability to bridge the gap between what you know currently and what you need to develop knowledge on in order to achieve your goals, is essential to achieving successful outcomes.  Today’s short video explains Dr George Lowenstein’s 1994 Information Gap Theory and how you can increase success by applying this theory.

Here are a couple of key points I found interesting from the talk:

  • The size of the gap effects levels of interest, engagement and desire to close gap
  • Too small a gap and there’s not enough drive to close gap
  • Too big a gap and fear will cause people to run away as fast as possible
  • Medium size gaps inspire curiosity and interest to bridge the gap

Bridge The Knowledge Gaps To Achieve Your Goals

Knowing how to bridge the knowledge gaps is an important part of achieving your goals. The key is to break it down into medium sized chunks which inspire your curiosity to engage and close the gaps.  Then, address each chunk a step at a time.

Take The Next Step Today Towards Achieving Your Goals

Empower yourself today by taking the next step in closing the information gaps required to transform your actions, breakthrough to new levels of success and achieve your life goals and business goals.

Are you looking for ways to inspire, empower and educate yourself to achieve more of your goals and live the life you desire?  If so, I’d love to help you.  Please contact me to Book a time to chat, or check out our services at the Health Pursuit website.

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