The Power Of Diversity of Thought

Diversity of thought is about exposing yourself to people who think differently.  It’s the idea that there’s more than one way to think about things, and that there’s greater understanding when there’s variation in perspectives and approaches.

Here’s today’s short video by Rob Holman.  Watch it to hear his perspective on the power of diversity of thinking.

Diversity of Thought Enriches

Below are a few of the key points that Holman reinforces on the power of diversity of thinking and how it enriches your.

  • Diversity of thinking enriches you personally.  It minimises the selfish perspective that our way is the best way or that our way is the only way.
  • Diversity of thinking enriches group dynamics.  It increases appreciation, honour and respect of different perspectives and approaches.
  • Diversity of thinking enriches your mind.  Intentionally reading, watching and surrounding yourself with different people expands your capacity to think.

Success Requires You To Diversify Your Thinking

Remember in order to achieve different results, you need to think and act in ways which gave you the old results.  Exposing yourself to different ways of thinking can lead you to the relevant knowledge and insights required to breakthrough old patterns of operating.  New patterns in line with your goals, will assist you in transforming your results.

Educating yourself through exposure to diversity of thinking is an important part of achieving your goals. Empower yourself and your life today, by strategically seeking out opportunities to harness the power of diversity of thought.

Looking for ways to inspire, empower and educate yourself to achieve more of your goals? Contact us to Book a time to chat, or check out our services at the Health Pursuit website.


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