The Importance of Diversity of Thinking In Achieving Goals

Everything you experience in life shapes and determines your views.  This includes events and beliefs you are exposed to in relation to family, school, social, work, local and global community; mental, physical, spiritual; financial, hobbies/interests; travel, and much more.

These experiences, based on whether you perceive them as good or bad will, cause you to have a corresponding emotional  reaction, ie positive or negative.  As a result, you will develop certain viewpoints which will effect:

  • your attitude towards what’s possible and what’s not
  • your feelings about your ability to be or do what’s required
  • your drive to take action either towards or away from (avoidance) what’s required

Your viewpoints can also cause you to have a fixed/hard/rigid mindset in some areas and a variable/soft/floppy mindset in others.   All of these effect your ability to do what is required to progress and achieve goals.

Group Thinking Reinforces Knowledge

Group thinking is based on approaching problems or issues as matters by consensus of the group rather than by individuals acting independently.  This like-minded group of people are bound together through sharing the same or similar ideas, concepts and values.

Some of the benefits of group thinking is reinforcement of concepts, attitudes, and behaviours that you already know.  They can help to build confidence, certainty and competence in areas which reinforce the same knowledge.

The downside of group thinking is that it discourages resourcefulness, independence, a and autonomy. It can leave individuals reliant on group thinking as a crutch, with dependence on same thinking to be accepted in the group.   It ensures that the same habits, patterns and processes are repeated over and over.  These can all discourage new ideas, reduce creative problem solving, limit self expression and stagnate growth.

In reality circumstances change over time, and if the same things are done the same way, they will eventually become outdated and may become obsolete.  Group thinking can stagnate knowledge building.

Diversity of Thinking Expands Knowledge

Diversity of knowledge is based on having people who think differently.  It’s the idea that there’s more than one way to think about things, and that there’s greater understanding when there’s variation in perspectives and approaches.

Diversity of thinking builds tolerance of people with differing thoughts, ideas, viewpoints, backgrounds, and life experiences.  It builds knowledge by supporting independent thinking, encouraging self expression and stimulating creative problem solving.

People exposed to a diversity of perspectives are more likely to build confidence, certainty and competence by recognising and honouring where they have similar ideas, and where they are different.  This combination supports them achieving higher levels of insight and learning, encouraging further expansion of the knowledge base.

Amazing and innovative breakthroughs can be achieved through diversity of thinking.

Diversity of Thought Supports Goal Achievement

Achieving goals requires you to have the appropriate knowledge to be successful.  This knowledge is partly based on what you know now, and partly what you don’t yet know.  To learn what you don’t currently know, you need to:

  • Be strategic by focusing your knowledge building in ways which are aligned with your goals
  • Open your mind to different people with different knowledge – including thoughts, experiences, behaviours, and habits.
  • Identify where adjustments are required in your thinking, in order to become more successful
  • Take action to implement the changes required to be successful.

Educating yourself through exposure to diversity of thinking is an important part of achieving your goals. Empower yourself and your life today, by strategically seeking out opportunities to embrace diversity of thought.

Looking for ways to inspire, empower and educate yourself to achieve more of your goals? Contact us to Book a time to chat, or check out our services at the Health Pursuit website.

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