What’s Driving Your Education?

As humans, we have an inbuilt desire to grow. This may show up in many ways including fascination with a topic, development required for a new role, boredom, and dissatisfaction with the way things are.  Each in their own way compel us to learn, to educate ourselves.

Education Can Be Empowering 

Education is a powerful tool for consciously speeding up the learning process and building our knowledge.

We live in the information age – there are so many topics we can educate ourselves in!  There are thousands of libraries of books (hard cover and digital), web pages/sites, teachers/mentors and more. So much that is available to tap into, learn and gain wisdom from.

Education Can Be Distracting

Access to all this information  can be empowering for you. Or, get you stuck in overwhelm, spinning your wheels or distracting you.

The Power of Purposeful Education

The most powerful learning comes when there is alignment between your purpose, mission, goals and values.  It is from this place that you gain the driving force of:

  • Inspiration to ignite and direct your mind, body and soul along a certain pathway
  • Vision for where your going
  • Intuitive guidance as to whether a certain pathway is taking you on track (focused) or off track (distraction)
  • Attraction of opportunities in line with your goals, dreams and aspirations
  • Momentum to take action and keep moving in ways which progress your goals dreams and aspirations
  • Courage to face, grow and adjust whatever is necessary to honour your intentions and commitment.

Purposeful Education Speeds Up Goal Achievement

Achieving your goals take time, energy, resources and money. Taking time out to rejuvenate is also an important part of your ability to follow through on actions required to achieve results.

Being strategic, by focusing on education which is aligned with your goals, is an important part of doing this – enabling action rejuvenation, and achievement. It’s about doing more and achieving less.

Empower yourself by driving your education purposefully.  Thus keeping you focused, and freeing up the time and energy to live, laugh and enjoy the inspired life you desire.

Looking for ways to inspire, empower and educate yourself to achieve more of your goals? Contact us to book in a time to chat, or check out our services at the Health Pursuit website.

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