Creating An Inspired Life Requires You To Take Control

If you want to live an inspired life and achieve your goals, then you must take control of your life.

Back Seat Driving Hands Over Control

Sitting back and hoping others will do the work people required for you to achieve your goals, is a great way to feel frustrated and disappointed about your results.  It takes you out of the driver’s seat and puts you in the back seat.

Getting chauffeured around may sound like fun and simpler, however your results become dependent on their actions. Consequently, your ability to feel satisfied, happy and successful becomes linked to their actions.  You may also be placing undue burden on them, if they feel that they are responsible for your happiness.

Take Responsibility For Having What You Want

Whether you live a life of regret or actively work on living an inspired life, lies in your own hands.  Creating the life you want relies on you taking responsibility for what you want to be, do or have.  If you want to achieve your personal life and business life goals, it’s up to you to take control by aligning your head, heart and hands, and putting them into action.  Have the courage to get started and keep moving.  Or, experience the pain of inaction.

Is It Time For You To Take Back Control?

Are you handing over control in your life to others?  Are you sitting in the back seat and allowing others to direct your life ?  Are you relying on others to take the actions you should be taking to achieve your goals?   If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to take control of your life and climb back into the driver’s seat!

Empower yourself to achieve more of your goals and live the life you want by taking control of your life today!  Make some progress today – by taking at least one step forward!

If you’d like some assistance to empower yourself with setting, planning or implementing your goals, or just want some guidance, then I’d love to hear from you.  Take action today by contacting me to have a FREE initial discussion.

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