Living An Inspired Life Doesn’t Just Happen Magically

Living an inspired life doesn’t just happen magically.  Some times we can look at the life and success that others have been able to achieve, and mistakenly believe that it happened overnight or that it happened really easy for them.  This is not the reality.

The truth is that you can live an inspired life however, rather than it happening magically,  in reality it takes a variety of steps to live an inspired life.  And it takes focus, time and effort to transform your life from one place to another.

Empower Yourself to Achieve Your Inspired Life

You can empower yourself to achieve more of your goals and live a more inspired life by working through the following steps:

  1. Connection to what ignites you and switches you on in life.  This step is about getting really clear about your core values.  It’s the driving force which energises you to take steady action steps.  Disconnection reduces inspiration, increases resistance, drains your energy and makes things harder.
  2. Clear vision building for your life that contains your goals, dreams and aspirations.  This step is about developing a clear picture of what you want your life to be like, what you’d like to do and what you’d like to have.  A lack of clear vision will have you unfocused, feeling stuck, scattered in your approach and lacking motivation.
  3. Strategic planning to streamline your activities so you can achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations.  This step is about clarifying and writing down specifics about your objectives, strategies you will apply, action steps required, resources needed, assistance required and when things should happen.  A lack of strategic planning and direction can result in an adhoc actions, blind spots and complications from overlooking details
  4. Integration between the old and the new.  In order to achieve new results you need to align your habitual thoughts, feeling and actions with what’s required to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations.  It’s essential for transforming results – it involves shifting your conscious and subconscious which takes time, effort and consistency.  A lack of integration creates frustration, self sabotage and disappointment.

Having connection, a clear vision, a strategic plan and integrating at a deeper level are all important parts of progressing and achieving your life and business goals.  Which of these aspects can you refine in order to achieve better life results?

Empower yourself today by taking at least one step today that will assist in progressing your goals!

If you feel stuck, uncertain or overwhelmed about setting, planning or implementing goals that you’d really love to achieve, or just want some guidance, then I’d love to assist you. Take action today by contacting me to have a FREE initial discussion.

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