5 Obstacles To Resolve When Setting Goals

Setting new goals can be exiting.  They can also feel a bit intimidating if they are big enough.  Either way, if you want to successfully achieve your goals, you will have to make some changes.  And here is where the challenge of obstacles begins.

Achieving Goals Requires You To Make Some Changes

Making changes requires you to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, in order to make progress.  It requires you to replace old habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and acting with new ones.  As you move beyond your old patterns, your old comfortable ways  will be challenged, making you uncomfortable.  It’s essential to push through the discomfort so that you can undertake the new habits long enough to break the old habits.

5 Obstacles To Resolve When Setting Goals

Before you head off on your goals, make sure that you don’t have the following five obstacles to change in your way, otherwise you may not have enough drive to do what it takes to achieve your goals:

  1. Reward not big enough – This obstacle is about having the perception that the reward of achieving your goal is big enough to motivate you to change.
  2. Happy in current situation – This obstacle is about believing that you are very comfortable and happy in your current situation so there’s no big motivation to change.
  3. Too many minuses – This obstacle is about perceiving that there is too much risk, time and/or effort etc required to change.
  4. Not enough minuses – This obstacle arises when you have a perception that there’s not enough pain, negatives or  disadvantages etc with staying where you are now, in order to motivate you to change.
  5. Lack of belief –  This obstacle arises when you have a perception that it is not really possible for YOU to achieve, that you lack what it takes to implement the changes required.

If any of the above obstacles are in your way when you get started on your goals, then you need to resolve them before moving forward.  Otherwise they will keep you stuck in old ways of thinking and acting, repeating patterns and results, and create a barrier between you and the goals you want to achieve.

Empower Yourself To Achieve Your Goals

As you pursue your goals, learn to resolve obstacles, so that you can empower yourself to achieve the success you desire.

If you have some important goals you’d like to achieve and are looking for ways to empower yourself to be successful, then I’d love to help you.  Contact us now by clicking here so we can discuss options for achieve your goals.

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