Refining Your Time Management Improves Your Life

Are You Kicking Goals With Your Time Management?

If you’re struggling with your time management or you know it needs some tweaking, then it’s time to take a coffee (or what ever you like to drink) break for a little self reflection.

Effective Time Management Facilitates Greater Quality of Life

It is said that good time management can help to add 2 hours a day to a persons life.  Which can make the difference between having a quality of life or feeling strained.

If you want to achieve more of your goals and enjoy a greater quality of life, then consider where your time management needs some tweaking.

Start by reviewing the following five essentials of effective time management:

  1. Your Goals – Make sure the goals you set for yourself are really ones you want to achieve. It takes time and energy to achieve goals.  So if you’re not truly motivated to achieve them, then consider putting them aside.
  2. Your Reasons – Make sure you have big enough reasons to drive your focus and actions. Time will slip away and you’ll get distracted by other things which will absorb your time if you don’t have a big enough “why” to drive your actions.
  3. Your Priorities – Make sure you are clear about which goals are the most important ones, eg the top three.  Manage your time based on your top priorities.  Look at how you can delegate lower priorities. That way, if you are short of time, the tasks left are the least important ones.
  4. Your Strategies –  Make sure you are focusing on the key strategies which will enable you to minimise your efforts and maximise results.  If the strategies your are using are soaking up too much time and not delivery the results, investigate other strategies.
  5. Your Schedule – Look at your time schedule along with your goals list, priorities and strategies have available.  Make sure you have set aside blocks of time to work on key goal activities.  Also consider whether you have realistic expectations about what can be achieved in those blocks of time.

Managing Your Time Can Free Up Extra Time

By effectively managing your time based on what is most important, and letting lower priorities go, you can free up valuable extra time which you can invest in improving the quality of your life.  What would you do with your extra time?

As you invest more time in doing things which you honour your goals, dreams and values, you will have a greater capacity to live the life you desire.  Strategically manage you time for more effectiveness so that you can achieve your goals and live the life you desire!

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