Are Your Beliefs Preventing You From Achieving Your Goals?

Your beliefs shape your whole world.  They shape your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.  Are your beliefs preventing you from achieving your goals?

What Are Beliefs?

Beliefs can be defined as the ideas a person accepts as being true or real.  And conversely, the ideas a person accepts as being false or unreal.

Why Are Beliefs Important 

Your beliefs shape the way you think, feel and act in every way, and therefore shape everything that exists in your life.  They affect:

  • The way you live your life ie according to what you perceive as moral, right, just
  • The things you do and have in your life eg friends, job, clothing etc
  • What you believe is possible regarding what can be achieved
  • Your expectations of the way things would, could, should be
  • The risks you’re willing to take
  • How you face challenges ie do you give up or keep pressing on

Where do Beliefs Come From?

Your beliefs are shaped by your past conditioning – what you’ve seen, what you’ve heard and what you’ve experienced in your life.  This includes:

  • Direct experiences in your own life – events, memories and emotions
  • Indirect Experiences – through events which and stories of other people – friends, family, community, media etc

Beliefs Are A Key Factor In Goal Achievement

To achieve your goals your beliefs must match your desire.  If you’re desire is not combined with the expectation that you will receive what you desire, you will find yourself continually frustrated and disappointed whenever you begin working toward any kind of material goal.

If you are not achieving the results you desire, then invest some time in looking at your beliefs surrounding the goal you’re working for.  Where are you getting stuck?  Where are there big or small beliefs that are not in alignment with your goals?  Identify where there mismatches and develop some strategies for shifting them.  If you’re not getting the shifts, then consider working with a coach who has the specialty skills to help you to breakthrough your blockages and assist you in transforming your results.

If you have some important goals you’d like to achieve, then I’d love to help you.  So, please make contact so we can discuss options for stepping forward. What are your thoughts on this topic?  Please share your insights below.

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