3 Essential Components of Commitment For Goal Achievement

Commitment is an essential aspect of Goal Achievement.

3 Essential Components of Commitment
For Goal Achievement

There are three key components to commitment:

  1. The act of making a pledge, promise or obligation.  It’s about stopping, considering and deciding that you will take a course of action.  These decisions should not be made lightly, but with full intent to achieve the desired end.  Commitment requires firm decision-making.
  2. Having engagement; involvement.  This aspect of commitment is about actively following through on your commitment.  You will not move forward unless you are taking action regularly and consistently to move you forward.  Commitment requires action.
  3. Following through to completion.  Most goals, especially big stretchy ones require different ways of thinking, feeling and acting, requiring you to do things differently.  Unless you do what’s required you won’t get to the finishing line.  Commitment requires do whatever it takes for however long it takes, until you complete the pledge, promise or obligation.

Commitment is essential for achieving any goal.  Think about your key goals for the year and reflect on the above three areas.  Are you demonstrating full commitment?  Where do you need to tweak your commitment to your goals?

Have some thoughts on this topic?  If so, please share below.

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