5 Key Elements In Setting Powerful Goals

Powerful Goal Setting

Powerful Goal Setting

OK, so you’ve set some goals for yourself, but are they powerful ones?  Are they ones that wake you with a sense of anticipation to get moving?  Are they ones that will grow you in ways that support you?

5 Key Elements In Setting Powerful Goals

To get yourself on the right track for having powerful goals, here are five important elements which are essential for achieving your goals:

  1. Direction – Have a clear vision of your goals, including where you are going and what the end result will be.   You also need to be clear on your core values so that you can ensure that your vision is in alignment what is most important to you.
  2. Inspiration & Motivation – Understand  what your purpose in achieving the goal is.  What is your big “why”?  This component is the life-blood and juice for driving you to take action, especially when things get uncomfortable.
  3. Mindset – Re-assess you mindset for the goal ahead.  To get some where you haven’t been before, you will have to do some different things.  If you have a fixed view-point and an unwillingness to adapt and change, then you will struggle to achieve new levels of results.  You will need to retraining your mind to implement new habits to support your desired goals.
  4. Education – Ignorance is not bliss.  If you want to succeed in achieving your goals, you will need to gain new knowledge.  Your education will include such things as foundations and frameworks to build; strategies to develop and apply; tools and resources; and, new habits and systems of operating to support your specific goals.
  5. Alignment – Your results are a direct reflection of the way you think, feel and act.  In order to achieve e results you desire and attract opportunities to support your goals, your thoughts, feelings and actions need to be in alignment with one another.  If there is misalignment between them, you will experience conflict, stress and inconsistent results.  Undertake the inner and outer work to bring your thoughts, feelings and actions into alignment, so that you can begin to flow and attract opportunities to create successful outcomes.

Your ability to set powerful goals, achieve them successfully and live the life you desire is influenced by these five key elements. Take some time to make sure your goals have incorporate these elements.  If not, it’s well worth investing time to tweak them so that they do.

Need some assistance with setting powerful goals and achieving them? If so I’d love to help, so please make contact so we can discuss options for stepping forward.

What are your thoughts on this topic?  Please share your insights below.

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