5 Essential Elements To Incorporate Into Your Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning For Success And Healthy Living

Creating a Strategic Plan is an important aspect of achieving more of your goals; whether that’s for your personal or business life.  It helps you to map out the what, when, how and who aspects of progressing and achieving your goals.

Being strategic is not about trying to do everything.  Trying to do this will drain your time, energy and money, and may even lead to burnout!  It certainly won’t support you in achieving your key goals.

Strategic planning is about mapping out your direction and the things you will do to maximise the outcomes of higher order priorities.  And, about conserving the time, energy and money that you required to achieve your goals.

5 Essential Elements To Incorporate Into Your Strategic Planning

In order to create an effective plan for achieving your goals, which is  based on higher order priorities, it is essential that your have clarity around the following five key elements:

Based on/in line with

  1. your mission
  2. your vision
  3. highest order goals?
  4. highest values?
  5. your offerings – the resources you have available to progress your goals in terms of – skills, knowledge, experience, people to available to assist, things

Do you have a strategic life plan and business plan which incorporates each of the above 5 essential elements?  If not,  I strongly suggest you schedule time to do so if you want to successfully achieve your goals.

Empower yourself today by taking at least one step today that will move you closer to your goals!

If you feel stuck, uncertain or overwhelmed about writing goals that you’d really love to achieve, or want some guidance with implementing your goals, then I’d love to assist you. Take action today by contacting me to have a FREE initial discussion.

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