8 Qualities of a Well Written Goal

goals are dreams with deadlines

Writing Goals 

Ok, so you’ve written down some basic goals.  Is it a well written goal though?  Does it assist you in having a healthy life?


Eight Qualities Of Well Written Goals

Read through my SMARTIES formula for writing goals.  It contains my eight qualities of a well written goal and see how yours compares. 

  1. Specific:  List the precise outcomes you what to achieve.
  2. Measurable:   Record how will you measure or determine whether it has been achieved.  Numbers, % etc are really useful with this aspect.
  3. Action oriented:   This let’s you know what you have to do to achieve it
  4. Realistic:  This aspect gets you to check in on your beliefs, whether you believe it is possible for you to achieve.
  5. Timebound:  Record the date by which you will have completed it.
  6. Inspirational:   Make sure you have a big “why” to drive you to take action.
  7. Ecological:  Check that it’s aligned with your values, and that it’s good for you and others,
  8. Sustainable:  Make sure that you can consistently apply yourself to the actions required to achieve it.

How did you go?  Were you able to tick either of these 8 off?

If so, well done, you’ve made a great start!

If not, then make some adjustments to tweak them.  Then re-write your goals.  Keep tweaking them until you have clearly written goals and outcomes, and that you really would really love to achieve.

Empower yourself today by taking at least one step today that will assist in progressing your goals!

If you feel stuck, uncertain or overwhelmed about writing goals that you’d really love to achieve, or want some guidance with implementing your goals, then I’d love to assist you. Take action today by contacting me to have a FREE initial discussion.

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